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“American Strippers”

Directed by Megan Ruggiero


The Attleboro Community Theatre continues its 61st Season with American Strippers, written by Kevin Broccoli, and directed by Megan Ruggiero.

In this clever commentary on mythology, the Greek goddesses throw Aphrodite a bachelorette party at Americana, a male strip club in the heart of Texas, but Hera, Queen of the Gods, is none too pleased about this and leaves Mount Olympus to break up the party. The club is jointly owned by Paula Bunyan and none other than Dionysus, God of Wine, Fertility, and of course, Theatre. Americana is “staffed” by American folk legends, including but not limited to, Johnny Appleseed & Davy Crockett. Anything is possible when mythologies unite! #LegendsAfterDark


February 16, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25, March 2, 3, 4

Friday and Saturday performances at 8:00pm

Sunday matinees at 2:00pm

Doors open one hour prior to each performance

**Please be advised that American Strippers contains adult content. Viewer discretion advised for patrons under the age of 18.

Tickets can be purchased online for $18 or at the door for $20. Senior and Student discounts available.



To reserve seats, please call 508-226-8100 or email attleborocommunitytheatreACT@gmail.com.

Concessions will be available and donations are accepted!


Sarah Quintiliani as Aphrodite

Vivienne Carrette as Athena (ACT Debut)

Caitlyn Lively as Demeter

Kimberly Paine as Artemis

Elizabeth Parent as Hera

Emily Lamarre as Sally Ann Crockett

Kimmi Roche as Paula Bunyan

Matthew Moos as Dionysus

Brandon Harrington as Johnny Appleseed

Jason Karol as Pecos Bill

Joe Livingston as Davy Crockett

Bob Lively as Casey at the Bat

Jay Are Adams as Mr. Henry (ACT Debut)

Aaron Preston as Babe (ACT Debut)

Court Stafford as Apollo (ACT Debut)


Megan Ruggiero – Director

Kevin Hernandez – Assistant Director

Choreographer – Carlos Gutierrez

Jeanne Smith – Stage Manager

Alicia Harris – Producer

Gordon Smith – Sound

Doug Greene – Lighting