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The Man Who Came To Dinner

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Directed by Lori Perry

& Co-Directed by Jeanne Smith

Stage Managed by Kimmi Roche; Poster Artwork by Shawn Perry and Chris Sabatino

About the Show

Set in the small town of Mesalia, Ohio, in the weeks leading up to Christmas in the late 1930s. The famously outlandish New York City radio personality Sheridan Whiteside (‘Sherry’) is invited to a well-to-do factory owner’s home for dinner with his family. But before Whiteside can enter the house, he slips on a patch of ice outside the Stanleys’ front door and injures his hip. Now confined to the Stanleys’ home for weeks, Sherry drives his hosts mad due to his erratic and ridiculous behavior, leaving the family – and those who become involved – looking for any way that they can drive him out.

Show Dates

First Weekend: Friday, 11/29 @8pm; Saturday, 11/30 @8pm, Sunday, 12/1 @2pm

Second Weekend: Friday 12/6 @8pm; Saturday, 12/7 @8pm, Sunday, 12/8 @2pm

Third Weekend: Friday 12/13 @8pm; Saturday, 12/14 @8pm, Sunday, 12/15 @2pm

Note: Doors open 1 hour prior to showtime. It is recommended to arrive at least 15 minutes before the show starts in order to check in at the box office and get to your seat.


Character Name Name
Mrs. Stanley Lydia Mattera
Miss Preen Marissa Simas
Richard Stanley Connor Hanrahan
June Stanley Melissa Reinertson
John – The Butler David Mann
Sarah – The Cook Hannah Robinson
Mrs Dexter Rose Racine
Mrs McCutcheon JoAnn Vaughn
Mr. Stanley Craig Whitford
Maggie Cutler Joyce Leven
Dr. Bradley Jeffrey Massery
Sheridan Whiteside Bruce Church
Harriet Stanley Rose Racine
Bert Jeffersonz Jim Poore
Professor Metz Mike Capalbo
Lunch Guest 1- Michaelson Patrick Keister
Lunch Guest 2 Gordon Smith
Lunch Guest 3 – Henderson
Mr Baker Derek Kemp
Expressman 1 Patrick Keister
Expressman 2 Gordon Smith
Lorraine Sheldon Ryan Foster
Sandy Patrick Keister
Beverly Carlton Tom Lavallee
Westcott Derek Kemp
Radio Technician 1 Patrick Keister
Radio Technician 2 Gordon Smith
Banjo Mike Capalbo
Deputy 1
Deputy 2 Gordon Smith
Plainsclothes Man Derek Kemp
Director Lori Perry
Director/Producer Jeanne Smith
Stage Manager Kimmi Roche
Stage Hand Jasia Mackey
Sound Shawn Perry
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