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ACT’s 2nd Awards Banquet Winners

Congratulations to all of the nominees! And the awards go to…

Favorite Stage Manager – Jeanne Smith, “A Christmas Carol”
Favorite ACT Newcomer – Bob Lively
Favorite Lighting Design – Megan Ruggiero & Doug Greene, “American Strippers”
Favorite Sound Design – Megan Ruggiero & Gordon Smith, “American Strippers’
Favorite Youth Performer (Male) – Joey Piangerelli
Favorite Youth Performer (Female) – Scarlett Domenici
Favorite Supporting Actor (Comedy) – Bob Lively as Casey, “American Strippers”
Favorite Supporting Actress (Comedy) – Sarah Quintiliani as Aphrodite, “American Strippers”
Favorite Actor (Comedy) – Matthew Moos as Dionysus, “American Strippers”
Favorite Actress (Comedy) – Vivienne Carrette as Athena, “American Strippers”
Favorite Supporting Actor (Christmas) – Mario Carneiro as Jacob Marley, “A Christmas Carol”
Favorite Supporting Actress (Christmas) – Jennifer McCann as The Narrator, “A Christmas Carol”
Favorite Actor (Christmas) – Dave Almeida as Ebenezer Scrooge, “A Christmas Carol”
Favorite Actress (Christmas) – Megan Begin as The Ghost of Christmas Past, “A Christmas Carol”
Favorite Supporting Actor (Drama) – Johnny Bender as Bob Kane, “Co-Creator”
Favorite Supporting Actress (Drama) – Ryan Foster as Laura, “Co-Creator”
Favorite Actor (Drama) – Bob Lively as Bill Finger, “Co-Creator”
Favorite Actress (Drama) – Megan Begin as Portia, “Co-Creator”
Lifetime Achievement Award – Jeanne Smith
Favorite Director – Megan Ruggiero, “American Strippers”
Favorite Production – “A Christmas Carol”