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ACT Board Elections

Attleboro Community Theatre will be hosting elections at the June ACT Board of directors meeting for the following Board positions:

-President (Executive Board position)
-Vice President (Executive Board position)
-Treasurer (Executive Board position) 
-Social Media Director (Trustee With Special Duties)
-Publicity and Marketing Director (Trustee With Special Duties) 
-Event Coordinator (Trustee With Special Duties)


The Board of Directors must be elected at the June membership meeting. This meeting will be held on Monday, June 1st, 2020 at 7pm EDT. Given the current COVID19 pandemic, this meeting may be held remotely – more information to follow throughout May.

To run for the Executive Board, a member must have served one year as a Trustee. In the event that there is no viable candidate, the Executive Board can waive this rule.

Nominations from the floor will also be accepted at the June membership meeting. The new BOD members must begin their terms of office at the July BOD meeting to coincide with the new fiscal year.


Members in good standing may vote in absentia by written ballot—signed, dated, and sealed—if they will be unable to attend the June membership meeting and elections. Ballots may be mailed to the ACT mailing address, or delivered by hand, but they must be received before the elections begin.

Board Positions – Details

All board positions are to be held for a period of 2 years before being up for re-election. Each of the Executive Board or Trustee with Special Duties positions require a number of responsibilities to be performed as part of the normal operation of the Theatre. Board Members are required to attend Board meetings and participate in operations of productions throughout each season.

How to Run

If you are interested in running for a Board position, please email attleborocommunitytheatreACT@gmail.com with an indication of your interest and which position you would like to run for. You will be added to the ballot which will be distributed publicly before the June 1st meeting.