Boys Next Door-Spring 2017

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“Boys Next Door”

Play by Tom Griffin

Directed by Kelli Tallman

Assisted by Doug Greene


“The Boys Next Door” by Tom Griffin is a well-loved staple in community theatre, bringing to life the antics and personalities of 4 men with developmental disabilities who live in a group home. Each of the lovable men has their own quirky, engaging personalities that are played out on stage. We learn about what makes each of them unique and how challenging it can be living and working with the disabled population. Each character is cared Jack, a social worker employed as their primary caretaker. Jack is divorced, exhausted, and thinking about making a change in his life. He is struggling with whether to take a different job, and what his choice will mean for the men who depend on him.


Audition dates are February 15th and 16th @ 6:30 pm at Cardi’s Furniture Community Room in South Attleboro, MA.


We will be casting for 7 men and 2 women.