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Play by Lenny Schwartz

Co-Directed by Dave Almeida and Jeanne Smith

CO-CREATOR is a biographical play about the comic book writer Bill Finger, the man who helped Bob Kane create Batman and most of the Batman Universe and who was denied credit for his creations by Kane. This play will examine the life, loves and milestones of Bill Finger’s career, and how this imaginative, generous and creative artist made a huge impression on artists of all genres for years to come.

Auditions for CO-CREATOR will held at the Attleboro Community Theatre on Monday February 19th and Tuesday February 20th at 7pm. The Theatre is located at the Ezekiel Bates Masonic Lodge, 71 North Main Street, Attleboro, MA 02703.



Bill Finger – Young male, 20’s-early 30’s. This is his story.

Bob Kane – Young male, 20’s to early 30’s. Ambitious and unscrupulous.

Jerry Bails – Middle aged male, 30’s to 40’s. Comic historian.

Portia – Young female, 20’s to 30’s. Bill’s 1st wife.

Jerry Robinson – Young male, 20’s to 30’s. Young, funny artist.

George Roussos-Young male, 20’s to 30’s. Sarcastic artist.

Gardner Fox- Middle aged male, 30’s to 40’s. Artist and creator.

Marc-Young man, 20’s to 30’s. A fan of Bill’s

Roberto: African-American Male, 20’s to 30’s. Fan of Bill’s.

Arlen: Young Man, 20’s to 30’s. Fan of Bill’s.

Lenny, Young Man, 20’s to 30’s. Fan of Bill’s. No dialogue, maybe some ad-libbing.

Bartender –Any age, no specific gender. Sarcastic and funny.

Editor-Middle aged male, 30’s-60’s. Frustrated with Bill.

Young Fred – Young male, 8-13. Bill’s son.

Young man Fred – Young male, late teens to 20’s. Bill’s son.

Laura –Young female, 20’s to 30’s. Bill’s fling.

Victoria –young female, 20’s to 40’s. Bill’s friend.

Lyn: Young female, 20’s to 30’s. Bill’s second wife.

Umbrella Girl, 20’s to 30’s. Will indicate the time periods in the play through period dress and an umbrella with the dates important to the play. Some dialogue.

Man One and Man Two- any age, bar patrons.

Extra Bar Patrons and Partygoers, any age, some ad libbing and mimed talking in background.

Mother Kane-Middle aged to elderly, no age specific

Woman in Shoe Store– middle aged to elderly, no specific