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Play On!

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Directed by Jeanne Smith

& Assisted by Megan Ruggiero

Attleboro Community Theatre is pleased to announce auditions for the first show of their 61st Season. PLAY ON!, by Rick Abbot, will be directed by Jeanne Smith, who will be assisted by Megan Ruggiero.

Play On! is the hilarious story of a theater group trying desperately to put on a play in spite of maddening interference from a haughty author who keeps revising the script. Act I is a rehearsal of the dreadful show, Act II is the near disastrous dress rehearsal, and the final act is the actual performance in which anything that can go wrong does!

Performances will be October 6th, 7th, 8th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 20th, 21st, and 22nd. Friday and Saturday evening performances are at 8pm, and Sunday matinees will be at 2pm. All actors must be available for all performances, as well as tech week (October 1 -4), including a dress rehearsal, preview performance on October 4th.


Lori Correia as Aggie Manville (Stage Manager)

Anita Lawlor as Geraldine “Gerry” Dunbar (Director)
Matthew Moos as Henry Benish (“Lord Dudley”)
Linda Backner Hernandez as Polly Benish (“Lady Margaret”)
Riley Sparks as Mattie “Smitty” Smith (“Daniel”)
Bob Lively as Saul Watson (“Doctor Rex Forbes”)
Mike Capalbo as Billy Carewe (“Stephen Sellers”)
Jasia Mackey as Violet Imbry (“Diana Lassiter”)
Lauren Sparks as Louise Peary (Sound Technician)
Kimberly Paine as Phyllis Montague (Writer)
Shawn Perry as Shawn Perry (Stagehand/Set Builder)


Directed by Jeanne Smith

Assisted by Megan Ruggiero

Stage Managed by Sharon Silberman

PSA: PLAY ON! With Bob Lively


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